Terms and Conditions


Our liability for return or exchange is limited to 15 days from the date of courier documented receipt of the product by the customer.


Our open guarantee for quality of the product is extended to a minimum of 5 washes and a maximum period of 100 days. However, this quality guarantee is promised only for regular use of this product and not for use in extreme conditions which any good product would not withstand. In case of a difference of opinion, we will refer to a third-party testing laboratory which is South India Textile Research Association which is an authority in testing these parameters.


Be it known that our brand names Loom Home Textiles and Shabri International are registered trademarks which are intellectually protected. Any use or duplication of our trademarks or logo or use or duplication of our trademarks or logos in altered forms is to be considered as a legal offence.


Your visit to our website is with a mutual respect and understanding that you would like to check out on our products and if found good enough, make a purchase. Taking screen shots of our products or copying our text is considered as a legal offence. Further with or without your knowledge if you make an attempt to let virus to infect our site or make an attempt to hack our website, be noted that with the technology of security protection we will be able to identify and record the attempts with complete details and information including IP address, location, address and the device name. In such an instance you will have to face legal action according to the gravity of the case.


Our products are sold only for the direct use of the end customer. It is against our policy if you buy and stock our products in shops and sell at higher margins in the absence of a registered contract.


Any disputes related to returns or any other matter which may later turns out to be a dispute, if could not be solved peacefully and in the case the customer or the seller wants to go for a legal solution for the same, the jurisdiction for all purposes will be KANNUR city.