Bold Stripe Comforter



  • Pre-shrunk Fabric
  • Soothing Plaid Design
  • Enhanced Color Quality
  • Ultimate Softness
  • Mix & Match Patterns
  • Highly Durable
  •  Normal/Machine Wash
  • Iron Gently
  •  Do Not Bleach
  •  Low Tumble Dry




Give your space a brilliantly blissful outlook with the addition of comforter bedding set that is chic in style and rich in comfort. Harmonize your interiors by investing in top quality home textiles rich with premium material and world-class prints. The co-ordinated Brown broad stripes & chambray bed linen is the perfect way to add interest to your bed room. Made from 100% cotton yarn dyed pre-shrunk fabrics, these bed linen would be a stylish addition to your bedroom.

With the addition of the bed set which is rich in fabric and visual in appeal, transform your bedroom outstandingly. Regarded as one of the best home furnishing accessories, the comforter bedding set is health-friendly as it is enriched with yarn dyed fabric. If you face difficulty coping up with cold and breezy nights of winters, cotton comforter set is what you need in your bedroom. Get a sound and comfortable sleep in a calming and hygienic ambience created by this cotton-rich bed set.

SINGLE SIZE COMFORTER  Single: 150 CM X 225 CM , 1.5 M X 2.25 M ,60 x 88
QUEEN SIZE COMFORTER Queen: 225 cm x 264 cm / 2.25 m x 2.64 m / 90 x 103,
KING SIZE COMFORTER King: 250 cm x 274 cm / 2.5 m x 2.74 m / 110 x107,

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Single Comforter, Queen Comforter, King Comforter




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